Patricia Campuzano

Visual Design
& User Experience

I specialize in designing complex websites, apps, and dashboards, developing visual design systems, and creating prototypes. With solid experience in information and visual design, I have been involved in many projects from scratch helping to define the architecture, the main characteristics of the project for each type of user profile, and defining the user experience to perform complex tasks and improve user retention.

I'm also passionate about everything No-Code related to being able to turn my or my client's ideas into real projects faster without involving complex teams.

Design Strategy

Understanding the overall business strategy to form the basis of the product design and the main features, focusing on the business goals and user needs.

Initial Wireframes

Creation of sketches of a user interface to facilitate discussion, promote alignment, and supply instructions for developers and the design process.

Low Fidelity Prototypes

Prototypes based on wireframes to give feedback about functionality, not design, during the product testing phase and to change design sketches quickly if ideas don’t work.

Design Systems

Creation of a collection of reusable UI components guided by clear standards according to the brand identity. These components are assembled to build any number of screens into the project with coherence.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Creation of prototypes based on the UI design of the final project, to give experiences that feel real, without any code, and gather feedback from the team and real-users. These prototypes could be used on investors rounds.

Project Delivery

Design assets handoff with everything the developers need: Sketch files synchronized to InVision for review styles, icons, typography, and a document of what each component is and when to use it.

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