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UX/UI Design


SaaS & Mobile App


Stay App is an all-in-one platform that digitizes hotel services from start to finish. The platform allows hotels to create their hotels mobile application in a step-by-step onboarding to configure each of the services offered, as well as manage all the activity that guests carry out through the application.

Since 2017, I collaborate with Stay as a Product Designer. My responsibilities are to design and prototype all products, keeping the design system updated by creating new components and assets, where user experience is the king, that frequently changes to adding new features.

The main design challenge is to create a rich and attractive application experience between the consumer and the products, defining funnels to make service reservations taking into account different cases. The design must be easily scalable, allowing new features to be added while respecting those already implemented.

As users interact with the application, the platform learns more about their needs and habits and stores all relevant data such as the most requested services of the average cost per day of stay, useful information for decision making.